5 things we’ve learned from Celtic mythology

Whilst you might think that Celtic mythology doesn’t hold any relevance to your life, you likely couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a lot that we can learn from Celtic mythology, even if we don’t put it into practice every day. Here are 5 things that we’ve learned from Celtic mythology that might old relevance in your life;


Embrace Yourself

Celtic Mythology encourages us to fall in love with ourselves. Not only does it encourage us to fall in love with ourselves, but Celtic mythology promotes loving your physical form, too. It teaches a rather hedonistic approach to life, with the overwhelming feel of the process being that we should learn to love ourselves as we are.

Encourages female figures

Celtic mythology is important as it’s history is steeped in heroines and female role models.

Many of the greatest warriors in Celtic history were women, which makes a change from a lot of other mythology in which women are sometimes depicted as weaker and less brave.

It rewards the brave

Celtic mythology is notorious for being filled with tough and arduous warriors who will battle through thick and skin. Whilst violence isn;t something positive that has come from Celtic mythology, one thing that one can take from it is the honour of being brave. Bravery and loyalty is rewarded in Celtic mythology, which shows that many people do still have some sense of righteousness.

It helps expand the mind

Celtic mythology helps bridge the difference between the real world and what could be out there in terms of other worldly possibilities. Paranormal activity is rife in Celtic mythology, which is one curiosity that can be transferred to the modern world.

Living an eternal life

One thing that must come from celtic mythology is living through eternity, or living through the afterlife. This is something that is common in celtic mythology and will not change.

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