My name is Lori Rubenstein and I run Absolute Passion; a coaching service for middle aged women who’ve lost their passion in life.

Me visiting the Grand Canyon!

Coach for Passionate Living is a page that I have created to give my opinion to the internet. It is a jumbled up mixture of my feelings, what I find interesting and various other bits and bobs.

I am a professional life coach, which I feel gives me a little bit of a right to share my wealth of knowledge with you all.

Lori Rubenstein is a life coach, mediator, author and teacher. She is known as the personal coach for passionate living. It is her passion for helping others that has helped her transcend from a child born to a teen-age mother in the projects, through the stage of a wild and out of control teenager. The strong will she developed as a teenager served her greatly in later years, as she transformed herself into a compassionate warrior, helping thousands of people move their lives in positive, life-altering directions.

Watch this video to learn more about Lori as a speaker and workshop leader:

After practicing law as a family attorney for 18 years in Pennsylvania and Oregon, with children now in college, Lori is now thrilled to bask in the Arizona sun as the successful author of three transformational books, and is honored to continue to be a witness to people’s personal growth as a life coach, workshop and retreat leader.

Among many accomplishments, Lori is most proud of are:

  • Working in the domestic violence field on and off for 30 years and helping to write impactful legislation in four different states
  • Starting a Women’s Center in College which lasted for over 20 years
  • Single parenting (her children are now young adults)
  • Being courageous enough to leave a successful profession and a solid home base to follow her heart, move to Arizona and to start a coaching practice
  • Physical feats such as skydiving, scuba diving, fire-walking and rappelling down the side of a volcano in Portugal.
  • Co-authoring a best seller, Wake-up Live the Life You Love and writing Transcending Divorce: A Guide for personal Growth and Transformation, Conscious Relationship, and Freedom from Abuse: Finding Yourself Again.
  • Volunteering for Hospice and the Sedona Restorative Justice programs
  • Presenting free workshops monthly for the community
  • Starting the Verde Valley Teen Violence Task Force and leading county-wide Domestic Violence Task Forces in a number of states
  • Working on numerous legal task forces raising the standard of practice among attorneys.
  • Creating special programs to teach people to forgive, create conscious relationships, move forward after divorce, manifest abundance and to create and articulate their life purpose and mission.

The passion that keeps Lori going is her gift of bringing people back to love. If you’re interested in my coaching service, please sign up to my newsletter to get your welcome email. Alternatively, you can email me at admin@coachforpassionateliving.com. I look forward to hearing from you!