How to get out of bed in the morning

One of the main issues that I’ve seen in working with previous clients is getting out of bed in the morning. Whilst to many it seems like an easy thing to do, other find it difficult to get out of bed and start the day. Even though when you’re out of bed things become easier, that first task can seem like a mountain if you don’t have the right mindset.

Your legs feel like lead. Your eyes are heavy. You think about the day ahead; going to work, chores and other things that you just can’t be dealing with today. How do you get past this? Well, heres a few tips that should hopefully help you get past that first part of the day so you can be more productive with your day.

Take a deep breath


One of the reasons that you might struggle to get out of bed in the morning is that you have a blocked nose or blocked sinuses. This restricts the air flow through your body, in turn making you tired and unable to move out of your bed. The best way to combat this is to take a deep breath or two, which should help to wake you up in the morning.

Keep a drink next to your bed

One way to combat early morning fatigue is to keep a big bottle of water next to your bed. This way, you can gulp it down when you wake up. This will help to make you more alert in the morning and will get the blood flowing around your body.

Massage your legs

One of the main reasons that I’ve heard in the past that people struggle to get out of bed is that their legs start to feel like lead. They try and move their legs but they can’t, as they have a heavy feel which restricts them from moving them. For this, if you massage the backs of your calves slightly, this should help to get the blood flowing through your legs again in no time.

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