I can help with..

I understand …

… that most people focus on three core areas in their lives − Health, Relationships and Finances. Yet, as important as these key aspects are, the vital skills with which to manage them were never taught in school.

Think about it: What practical LOVE ADVICE did you get from your parents and other role models? You found this site because you recognize that you have Relationship issues and want to learn how to best deal with them.

As a professional Relationship Coach, I can teach you those skills you never learned and am honored to share the many insights I’ve gained over the years – from my clients as well as from my own personal life.

I believe that relationships can serve as a tool for personal growth, and that this growth is reflected in the way we respond to others and in seeing whom we attract into our lives. If you are not happy with the people you have attracted into your life, you can change that direction with education, coaching and some serious introspection and get on the path to living a passionate, satisfying life!

I am confident that each person who comes into our lives has a lesson for us, if we are open to accepting it. Even a traumatic breakup is ultimately for our highest spiritual good. It is my job to help you recognize the gifts that life is offering you and assist you in being the very best you can be. I honor your courage in facing these profound life challenges and can offer you the gift of new perspectives, exciting changes and continual hope.

People love coaching with me because they feel safe. They can tell me their secret dreams and passions, and they KNOW I sincerely care about them. My secret dream and passion − the whole reason for my being − is to help others find their way back to love, as well as rekindle lost love and passion.

This site is filled with useful information, study guides, books, audios and articles, and I am available to coach with you by telephone, Skype, in person, or at classes and retreats.