Is working a full time job going against living freely?

I have been reading a lot recently about people who are critical about those who are working a full time job, saying that they are not truly living life freely and that they are a slave to the system. Whilst there are points that I might agree with there are things that make this a completely ridiculous argument that I don’t necessarily agree with. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter of whether working a full time job makes you a slave to the system.

It isn’t easy being self employed

All of the people that criticise those that are in employed roles are usually people that are self employed. Great for you, you’re self employed. But, anyone who is self employed should know that it isn’t easy to get self employed and can mean working ridiculous amounts of hours to keep yourself a float and avoid getting caught up working a 9-5 for someone else. Many people who work a 9-5 job are totally aware of the fact that they are working for someone else and making them money, but there is also nothing wrong with that. As an entrepreneur or someone who works for themselves, you will often find that you never get a time to switch off. Whereas with many career jobs, if you finish at 5pm for the day, you finish at 5pm.

When you have a job, you get life insurance and you can have a family term rider. This is the main advantage of having a job.

Location Independence

The one main thing that you can get out of being an entrepreneur is location independence. This is essentially where you have the ability to work from where you choose throughout the entire world. Although there are some drawbacks of being self employed, in our eyes this is the biggest advantage of having complete control over your own life.

At the end of the day, some people are more suited to the entrepreneurial life than others. It all depends on the nature of the person.


In conclusion, of course a full time job isn’t necessarily going against living freely. If you’re young and don’t have children, then you have the opportunity not to work – so, it’s really important that you find out what it is you want in life. If you’re in your 20s, you should take advantage of this and really try to find out what it is you want out of life. But, there’s definitely nothing wrong with working a full time job – at all.


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