Who are you? Do you know your PASSION? Are you LIVING your dreams? Or did you forget…as so many of us do. We settle for respectable bill-paying jobs, for doing the “right thing”.

This is it! The time is now…what are you waiting for? As your personal life coach, I hold you big… knowing that you can live your life according to your inner values, your dreams and passions, rather than according to all those “shoulds” that are placed upon you by others.

Often, it takes a major life change for us to wake up and ask these questions. Is that what happened to you? Transitions are great for personal growth. I never questioned whether I was living my own life until I went through my own divorce. It may take the loss of a job, a family member, a break up or even an illness for you to wake up. But you did, you are here, that’s the first step.

Contact me for your half-price session. It is my job to help you recognize the gifts that life is offering you and to assist you in being the very best you can be. I honor your courage in facing these profound life challenges and as your personal coach for passionate living, I will offer you the gift of new perspectives, exciting changes and continual hope.

“A year in the life of my life coach and I am living my dream.

I went from being a programmer for a large tax software company to writing and writing and writing, which has been my life long dream. But it really did not matter if I was going from programmer to author or president to living a dream of digging ditches, the specifics of where I was and where I wanted to be did not matter, those specifics were always there…always the longing to make a change, always the desire to live the dream was there…Working with Lori brought out the confidence to actually make the change.

Lori has a relaxed and insightful style that lends itself to her gentle wisdom and knowledge. Her commitment to what I wanted to do has been obvious since the very first session. Talking with Lori is like conversing with an old friend. Like being with someone who has known me since way back when, she is that genuine and makes me feel that comfortable. She cheers me on believing in what I believe wanting what I want. It seems she has enjoyed the fantastic changes in my life as much if not more than I have. She is the best because she cares.”